dotloop updates: July 11, 2013 | Dotloop

dotloop updates: July 11, 2013



July 11, 2013 | comments

Tonight we’ll be rolling out over 70 enhancements and updates to dotloop to make your experience even better.

A few of the new features coming out tonight include:

– Tags are now auto-suggested. The last 20 tags you’ve used will be listed so you can point and click to add tags rather than typing them out each time.

– Font size on document editor has been increased.

– New options to “Open All” or “Share All” documents in a folder. Review and share files faster by selecting as many as you need to all at once.

– Background color from signature fields on downloaded pdfs have been removed, allowing you to download and print with fields cleared for signing.

– New PDF processing engine can handle whatever you throw at it, including those files that were giving you trouble!