Do Good Real Estate: Rocking Peoplework in Wilmington, NC



June 12, 2013 | comments

Recently the guys from Do Good Real Estate visited the dotloop HQ and sat down with us to talk business, peoplework and where the lines blur inbetween.

Do Good, which serves clients in Wilmington, NC, has a unique approach to real estate. Founding Partner and Broker-in-Charge Ryan Crecelius created Do Good in the wake of a market upheaval, and his approach was a simple one: that real estate companies can do so much more than help people buy and sell homes. That real estate transactions should be honest, personal and beneficial to the community as well as the client.

That’s why at Do Good, 10% of their sales commissions go to local charities of their clients’ choosing. Watch the video below as Crecelius and Do Good CFO & Broker John Jackson, speak to their passion and purpose for giving back to their community, for building something that matters more than just a business model.

Of course, they help their clients navigate the hazy waters that are real estate, but to the team at Do Good, a socially minded brokerage can deliver so much more. Stated perfectly on their website, “quality, transparency & giving back come standard.”

We’re big believers in what the Do Good team is doing for their market, building so much more than just a transactional relationship with their clients. They are the embodiment of peoplework, and we’re proud to be a part of their future success.

Here’s to you, Do Good. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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