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Real Estate – the process explained



December 04, 2012 | comments

If you’ve landed here from an article, through a recommendation or by a random stroke of luck, you’re probably wondering what dotloop is all about.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to draw it out for you.

You see, dotloop is a unique solution with a unique proposition. More than just aiding in the process, we’re fundamentally changing the way real estate transactions take place.

“So, you’re a transaction management system?”

Not exactly.

“An e-Signature solution?”

Not quite.

dotloop eliminates the paperwork in real estate transactions, provides a streamlined process and allows agents to spend more time better serving their clients. But it’s more than just a place to keep your transactions organized.

It’s a place to keep the documents, see the process in action and do the work.

It’s a place to fundamentally change the way you get a deal done. So no more bouncing around from system to system, no more leaving clients stranded in the process.

Just real estate, plain and simple.

At dotloop, we know that real estate technology doesn’t have to be segmented, broken and inefficient.

Watch the video above for a walk-through of the dotloop difference.