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RISMedia: Three Traits of Every Rock Star Real Estate Agent [Recap]



July 09, 2012 | comments

There are a slew of traits that top producing, “Rock Star” agents possess. In RISMedia’s article, Three Traits of Every Rock Star Agent, we highlighted three characteristics that truly make these Rock Stars stand out.

Here’s a quick Recap:

  1. Client Convenience: The agents that have adapted to the trend of online solutions, like dotloop, and accomodate their clients on their terms, are proving to be the most valuable. Client satisfaction is key, and if you’re not making their lives easier, you can’t keep ahead.
  2. Redefine Lead Generation: The majority of business comes from an established network of satisfied customers, so become selective and attentive within your network of clients. Nothing is more vital than a portfolio of happy customers.
  3. 1 Equals 90: Every choice that you make in your business, whether it be following up, procrastinating, generating leads, etc, counts each and every day. Having a process in your business that is “running on all cylinders” allows you to stay ahead while nurturing existing relationships.

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