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Simplify Buying and Selling Real Estate by Knowing the Most Affordable Places to Live



June 25, 2012 | comments

CNN puts out several interesting lists a year. If you are curious about knowing where to go for vacation, you can always search for the news site’s lists of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world or other, similar suggestions. However, while looking for the best restaurants or the cities with the coldest temperatures, don’t forget to also look up the list of the most affordable places to live. Learning that particular list will be of help to both buyers and sellers of property.

According to a recent article published on CNN Money (LINK HERE), such cities as Syracuse, New York, Akron, Ohio, and Lakeland, Florida are among the most affordable places for buying a home in the entire country. The number one city on the list was Indianapolis, Indiana. A low median home price combined with a relatively high median income have given this state capital a high “affordability score” of 95.8%. Much of this could be related to this city’s diversified economy and the large amount of land available for housing developments. Other factors related to higher affordability have been more housing being available in a given area and home values that decreased after the burst of the housing bubble.

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