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How Real Estate Technology can bring a “Dead Agent” Back to Life



June 27, 2012 | comments

The housing market over the past few years has presented serious challenges to staying alive in the real estate industry. The highly competitive market has made working in this industry a constant struggle for realtors across the nation. More than a few have failed to keep their head above water and decided to change careers. However, others have been much more successful than they had ever dreamed possible.

Dichomoties like this are typical when the competition gets fierce and stays that way. Those who figure out how to adapt to the new situation tend to sail to success while those that keep to their old ways quickly find themselves dead in the water. Nevertheless, agents who seem to be stuck in limbo or out of a job can get back into the race with the right set of tools. There is a good chance that the agents who moved forward during these difficult times obtained such tools by investing in technologies that simplify communication along with adapting to new dynamics like social media. There is no reason why any agent or brokerage that finds itself dead in the water can’t adopt similar technologies to boost efficiency and get back in the game to win.

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