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How can real estate technology improve your relationships?



June 04, 2012 | comments

People who work in real estate don’t just need to develop and establish good relationships with clients. They also need to maintain good relationships with other agents and brokers. When brokers are able to easily and effectively communicate with their agents (and vice versa), productivity goes up and more transactions are completed. The following are a couple of ways that technologies can strengthen relationships between agents and brokers:

• Software with an interactive platform: This refers to programs that can be used by more than one party at the same time in different locations. By necessity, they are therefore based in the cloud and accessed over the Internet. Such programs promote easy communication between agents and brokers and may allow them to share documents.

• Social media: Although this is more of a platform rather than a specific technology, it nonetheless deserves mention for its utility in promoting communication and relationships. In doing so, it’s a bit like real estate software with platforms that are interactive in nature. However, social sites are also much more basic and not designed for any particular industry. Nevertheless, they act as excellent places where brokers and agents can work towards the same goals.

Here at dotloop, we strive to facilitate solutions that will not only help you build new relationships with clients and other agents, but also maintain existing ones.