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Consumers are King No Matter What



June 20, 2012 | comments

New, exciting technologies and the current competitive atmosphere of real estate can combine to keep just about any realtor busy from dawn until dusk (or the other way around). When you feel pressured to keep the focus on meeting with clients, interacting with them on social media sites, heading to conferences, and figuring out how to better adopt technologies for success, it can be easy to forget about such things as eating well, paying bills on time, and calling your parents.

Well, maybe those are exaggerations but they probably aren’t that far from the truth for most realtors these days. Something else that can be easily overlooked by people in the real estate industry is the importance of the consumer. Consumers basically drive our economy and thus help determine whether or not you make that sale. They also happen to be customers so you have to basically treat them like royalty. Not that you need to bow before any clients or address them as “your highness”, but you do need to answer their emails and other communications in an expedient, respectful, and professional manner.

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