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RETSO Recap: “Where ideas and Doers Meet”



April 17, 2012 | comments

RETSO was designed for sharing ideas, improving business across the industry, and building relationships with like-minded professionals. The RETSO events are able to accomplish these things by offering an engaging experience accompanied by industry thought leaders and industry service leader.

Since RETSO’s initial entrance into the Real Estate space 5 years ago, it was clear from the beginning that they had something to offer that few other conferences did. dotloop, being a sponsor of the event for the past 3 years, has watched as RETSO has continued to grow and mature into becoming one of the most unique experiences the industry has to offer.

“RETSO is Refreshing”.
It seems like most traditional Real Estate Conferences are like reading the same magazine several times and while there are a few exceptions (Inman Connect, Xplode, Hear-It-Direct, etc) the thought still exists: It may be a new edition, but the content is generally the same. RETSO is truly a “refreshing” experience. Instead of focusing on sales, RETSO focuses on bettering the industry by leveraging technology and the ideas of like-minded individuals. As one individual said to Mike Pennington (RETSOorganizer) at a Speaker Dinner, “RETSO is not a real estate conference, but instead a Human conference. “ This is something that has truly resonated in my mind for the past 5 days because atRETSO there is no secret agenda, and because of this hundreds of industry leaders flock to the event every year.

“RETSO thrives on technology”.
There is not a doubt that the Real Estate industry has been due from a complete overhaul in the way that we do business. In a sense, Real Estate is the slowest industry to adopt the technology that has been available for several years. RETSO provides an environment where those that are embracing and leveraging relevant technology tools can gather together to apply their best practices and ideas to launch a discussion about technology and how it can impact their business. Given the heavy tech influence within the event, even I (the assumed tech nerd and enthusiast here at dotloop) was able to learn an overwhelming amount of knowledge and was even inspired to push the envelope on my current processes. Every attendee either has already embraced technology in every aspect of business, or was seeking relevant solutions. As part of this push for the utilization of relevant technology, we provided a place for individuals to signup at dotloop for access to our new freemium product offering, available May 16th.

As I transition into my new role as Community Manager, there was not a more appropriate event to attend. RETSO’s community-like atmosphere is rivaled by none because there is no other event that allows EVERY individual to be a part of the discussion. In my opinion, it is due to this sense of community that RETSO truly separates itself from anything else in the industry. It is because of the lack of “agendas” and “sales efforts” that there is not any pressure whatsoever. As a result, the feeling I had when attending was that I was a part of a “community driving change” driven by empowering and inspiring individuals. From the Corcoran Group to Brian Copeland, some of the industry’s top “Heavy Hitters” provided insight and best practices to attendees of the event.

Austin Allison, a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, Inman News top 100 most influential and dotloop CEOhad the honor of joining the stageto speak on Systemizing your Business and Branding. Allison stated, “We spend so much time on lead generation. The simple concept is that if you figure out how to deliver great consumer experience, clients will come back and deliver amazing referral rates.” He also proceeded to say, “Sometimes less is more. Don’t just throw technology at problems.”

In conclusion, “Where ideas and Doers Meet” is the perfect way to describe RETSO and I absolutely felt that while attending. From the engaging conversations, inspiring speaker sessions, to the extremely powerful networking, RETSO is an event that if you are committed to bettering your business and the industry, you cannot afford to miss.

Hats off to all that who are involved in the RETSO event, and you can count on dotloop’s support for many years to come.