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December 08, 2011 | comments

“One who says it can’t be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”-Chinese Proverb.

We end this week with yet another wise and inspirational quote to ponder. Like all good proverbs, this one is simple yet makes a powerful statement. It urges us to simply take action and find a solution, to make your dreams come true instead of giving in to doubt and self defeating negativity. This quote also ties into what we covered this past week.

On Wednesday, we quoted Einstein in dealing with the importance of focusing on providing valuable service as opposed to just concentrating on success. If your actions demonstrate that you are a person of value, success will come naturally.

On Thursday, a quote by the late Steve Jobs reminded us that excellent products and services will be recognized because most people aren’t used to them. Realtors can become better by keeping up on and using real estate technology.

A quote from the CEO of Deep Focus was used for the social media post to demonstrate the importance of being innovative. The dynamics of social media show that a great deal of innovation is required for realtors to keep up with clients on social media channels.

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