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Wonder what dotloop is all about?



November 22, 2011 | comments


Have you ever wondered what the “Movement” is all about, how dotLoop works, or the problem we strive to solve?

Watch the video to see how DotLoop works in 3 minutes or less.

Dotloop is at the center of a movement occurring within the real estate community. In the past, real estate agents used multiple technologies for on-line forms, electronic signatures and document storage. Unfortunately, more technologies (online forms systems, transaction management solutions, document storing platforms, electronic signature solutions, etc) create more headaches and more work. dotloop allows all parties, regardless of location, to work together as if they were sitting at a virtual conference room table. No single technology, besides dotloop, bridges the gap to allow them to seamlessly interact together. Each time an agent begins a transaction, a Loop is created. And Loops are expanding rapidly.

It’s a real estate movement like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Wikipedia, where the benefit is greater as more people work together.