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Jeff Cohn, Owner at kwELITE
Jeff Cohn
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Transaction Coordinators and Admins Can Act On Behalf of Agents Using Dotloop

Act on Behalf of Agents

The “act on behalf” feature empowers TCs to complete actions on behalf of their agents. For example, if an agent receives an offer but can’t submit it to the sellers because she’s driving, the TC can easily send the document and the seller thinks it’s coming from the agent — eliminating potential confusion as to who this new person is that’s sending the email.

  • Remove transaction coordinating duties from the agent’s plate
  • Empower TCs and admins to move deals forward as if they were the agents
  • Track everything done by the TCs and admins on behalf of agents in an activity log
  • Provide a fantastic experience for buyers and sellers

Simplify Compliance and Reporting

Speed up the compliance process using custom workflows that match your existing approval process, coupled with transaction and task management templates that take the guess work out of what needs to happen next.

  • Customize the way a deal goes through the compliance process
  • Tag transactions to see what’s closing this month, under contract, sold, or lead source
  • Stay in the loop with real-time email and push notifications after actions are completed
  • Use the activity log to track the “who, what, when” related to all completed actions
Dotloop Makes Compliance and Reporting Easy

Stay on track with task management

Stay Organized and Compliant On the Go

With real-time push notification, task management and the ability to submit documents for compliance, agents and transaction coordinators can seamlessly collaborate to keep deals on track and get offers accepted.

Instant Notifications

Know exactly when contracts are signed, approved or modified. Also, if you have a task assigned to you, dotloop will let you know immediately.

Task Management

The dotloop app lets you assign tasks to anyone in the transaction, set a due date and track progress as the deal moves forward.

Submit and Review Documents

As contracts get signed and the deal is getting near closing, agents can easily send their documents for compliance and transaction coordinators can review them directly from the app.

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