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Transaction Management for JPAR

An Exclusive Benefit for All JPAR Agents

Access forms, e-sign, share, store/close deals quickly from one spot.

Document and Transaction Templates

Save time and stay compliant using pre-loaded and pre-filled out listing and buying transaction packets that contain all of the required forms, people and checklists needed to manage a transaction from contract to close.

“Dotloop’s templates is where the real power lies, in that it will help you quickly and efficiently create a correct contract, or any document.

Laura Malec, Real Estate Agent
Laura Malec
Real Estate Agent

document templates

Texting real estate contracts

Share, Edit and eSign Documents via Text

Dotloop’s text Messenger prompts a faster response and helps you stay compliant thanks to exportable conversations.

“During one transaction, the client said they didn’t receive anything via email — so I sent the docs a second time through Messenger. He immediately jumped on it and signed on his phone. I submitted it and closed the deal.”

Tanya Smith, Real Estate Agent
Tanya Smith
Real Estate Agent

Easy Transaction Monitoring

As a real estate team leader or transaction coordinator, you gain real-time visibility into your business through built-in reporting and instant notifications for updates on the status of any transaction with one log in, one screen.

Available for dotloop for Teams.

“I love the ability to be on top of everything that’s going on at all times and where my team’s at with certain transactions.”

Alex Venditti, Real Estate Team Leader
Alex Venditti
Team Leader

monitoring real estate transactions

real estate task management

Custom Task Templates

Team leaders love dotloop’s Task Templates, which provides customizable to-do lists for faster transacting and improved compliance. Agents and admins can create their task lists, and assign with due dates.

Part of a team? Get more info on dotloop for Teams.

“My favorite feature: the ability to assign tasks to members of my team.”

Adam Parent, Real Estate Team Leader
Adam Parent
Team Leader

Tag and Track Lead Sources

Maximize budget allocation by easily tagging transactions with the lead source and create reports that tell you which channels are generating quality leads.

Available for dotloop for Teams.

“I can tag a loop with the lead source. Then, I can run reports based on that tag, helping us know which leads are working.”

Melanie Poche, Real Estate Transaction Coordinator
Melanie Poche
Transaction Coordinator

tracking real estate transactions

Submit documents for compliance

Submit for Review

Create custom workflows to notify the right people when a deal is ready for review. It’s the easiest way to ensure compliance in transaction management.

Available for dotloop for Teams.

“When we started adding up those hours and looking at what it was costing us over the entire month, it was actually cheaper for us to go all-in with dotloop for Teams so our admins didn’t have that log-in, log-out lag time.”

J. Michael Manley, Real Estate Team Leader
J. Michael Manley
Team Leader

Additional Features & Benefits

real estate transaction templates
Unlimited Transactions

Have the flexibility you need to create all the transactions you need.

mobile solution for agents ands brokers
iOS and Android Apps

You’re always on-the-move and having the ability to edit, eSign and share contracts from anywhere, wins you deals.

Phone + Email Support

Connect with real estate experts 7 days a week through email and phone.

storage and audit trail
Audit Trail

Stay compliant by having a detailed history of every email sent, document signed, person added and more.

real estate transaction management software
Advanced Features

Increase efficiency with features like a Clause Manager, digital faxing and more.

dotloop videos

Access a library of product tutorial videos to learn on-demand, on your time.

1,200+ Agents Sign-up for Dotloop Each Month

dotloop Select
Paid Annually Upfront at $180 (50% Off)
  • Unlimited Transactions
    Create as many transactions as you want. With dotloop Select you don't have to worry about limits.
  • Transaction Templates
    Save time and stay compliant using pre-loaded and pre-filled out listing and buying transaction packets that contain all of the required forms, people and checklists needed to manage a transaction from contract to close.
  • Secure and Legal eSignatures
    Choose the solution trusted by banks, brokerages, and hundreds of thousands of professionals.
  • In-Person Signing
    Easily have clients eSign from your mobile device or computer.
  • Secure Storage
    Bank-grade encryption. World-class protection. Verified by 3rd party auditors.
  • Mobile App
    Access dotloop on the go from iOS or Android devices.
  • Task Templates
    Setup your own reusable task lists.
  • Easy-Offer Links
    Easily share secure, public links to a set of offer documents for any of your listings.
  • Include PDF Attachments
    Include a PDF version of any document when sharing with others.
  • Document Scanner
    The dotloop app turns your phone into a mobile scanner - converting pictures into editable PDFs.
  • Add-to-Team
    Provide same-level access to other people within a specific transaction.
  • VIP Phone and Email Support
    Phone and email support 7 days a week. Extensive knowledgebase with instant answers.
  • JPAR & Association Forms
    Custom JPAR documents (like sale closing reports for example) and association forms are pre-loaded and can be auto-filled with information for you.
  • Robust Document Editor
    Quickly fill out PDFs you upload or load in some of our ready-to-use templates.
  • MLS and Association Feeds
    Dotloop has partnered with 150+ local and state associations to provide you with comprehensive forms coverage in addition to hundreds of MLS feeds.
  • Audit Trail
    Stay compliant with a complete record of every action taken during the transaction.
  • SMS Texting Communications
    Edit, share, view and sign documents via text with full tracking of all activity.
  • Document Templates
    Setup your own reusable documents. Save common contract clauses to save time.
  • Split and Rotate PDFs
    Have one massive file with multiple pages? Upload it to dotloop and easily split it into separate documents.
  • Real-Time Notifications
    Stay in the loop with instant email and push notifications that can be customized.
  • Integrations with 65+ Apps
    Connect dotloop with over 65 real estate platforms through seamless integrations.
  • Clause Manager
    Store commonly used real estate contract clauses and save time.
  • Online Faxing
    Easily fax documents directly from dotloop.
  • Reporting
    Full visibility into your business with real-time reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between dotloop Premium and dotloop Select?

Dotloop Select includes all of the same features as dotloop Premium plus the following additional benefits:

  • Transaction templates have been customized by JPAR’s office managers to make creating transactions faster and more custom.
  • Custom JPAR documents (like sale closing reports for example) are pre-loaded and can be auto-filled with information for you.
  • JPAR’s affiliated partners will be added to every transaction to make it easier for you to introduce them to your clients.
  • Dotloop Select only costs $15 per month (must sign up for a yearly subscription) while dotloop Premium costs $29/mo.

If I sign up for dotloop Select, what will happen to my existing dotloop Premium account?

After you sign up for dotloop Select, a new profile will be created. You’ll still have access to your existing Premium profile, and the loops you were working on will still be accessible in that profile, BUT you will use your new dotloop Select profile to create new loops moving forward.

If I’m already paying for dotloop Premium on a month to month basis, should I cancel my current payment?

You don’t have to cancel your dotloop Premium account, we’ll do it for you.

If I have already paid for a year of dotloop Premium upfront, can I get a pro-rated refund?

Yes, email, let them know that you are signing up for dotloop Select with JPAR, and they will pro-rate your refund.

I’m an office manager. How can I request changes to my office’s setup?

All requests should be sent to your office manager, who will coordinate with their dotloop Success Manager.