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Earnnest + dotloop

A Faster and Safer Way to Submit Earnest Money

The Earnnest + dotloop integration transforms the inefficient old way of manually depositing earnest money into a streamlined and secure digital process.

Enhancing the Real Estate Transaction

Remove unnecessary risk and complexity from the transaction with the dotloop and Earnnest integration. A simple, convenient and secure solution to request and pay earnest money digitally.

How to Get Started

Request Earnest Money Directly Within Dotloop

1. Connect Escrow Holder

Connect your escrow holder with Earnnest by through a simple and quick invite if they're not already in the Earnnest app.

2. Request Earnest Money

Easily send buyers an earnest money request from within the loop (transaction) by clicking "Send Earnest Request" from the top right corner.

3. Complete the Process

Your buyers will receive the request, pay through Earnnest, and you will receive a payment receipt email when they're done.

Over 13,000 digital earnest money deposits have been powered by this native integration

Request earnest payment in dotloop via the Earnnest app

Agents Request Earnest Money Using dotloop

On average, it takes agents less than 2 minutes to send a money earnest request to clients and 80% of homebuyers complete the process in under 3 minutes.

Buyers Get Alerted and Pay Securely Online

Buyers pay money directly to the escrow holder digitally via Earnnest, which processes the funds using a bank-level encrypted digital transfer. No more worrying about identity theft that could accompany mailing checks or wire-fraud.

Transfer earnest funds in dotloop via the Earnnest app

Complete earnest payment request in dotloop via the Earnnest app

The Streamlined Process Saves Everyone Time

This integration eliminates the need for buyers to mail checks or do wire transfers when depositing earnest money. Everything is 100% digital, saving time for everyone involved in the transaction.

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