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Gabriel Hagstrom

Gabriel Hagstrom

September 17, 2021 | comments

API Nation’s Import Tool + Dotloop’s Open Platform Made Migrating Data a Swift, Seamless Process for Baird & Warner

When Senior VP of Information Technology Federico Masias and the Baird & Warner team decided not to renew their contract with their former transaction management software, they realized there was quite a job ahead of them.

Much like a family getting ready to move into a new house, the team had to find a way to get their 29 locations, 2500+ agents and tens of thousands of transactions boxed up and ready to move to a new platform.

Making a Plan to Migrate Transaction Data

First, Masias rallied his team to get ready for the move. Needing a new home for their transaction data, Baird & Warner tried a number of tools to replace their transaction platform. After reviewing dotloop’s transaction management software, they decided to call the end-to-end system home.

Now all they needed was a migration plan.

The brokerage needed a secure way to pack up and flawlessly transfer data for thousands of real estate agents, tens of thousands of transactions and millions of documents. The team considered leaving all their former transaction data on the original platform and continuing to pay for the access there, but Masias decided against that, explaining, “It’s going to just make the agent’s life easier if we can put all these documents into a single place.”

Next, they wanted a simple way to unpack that data in dotloop, but the Baird & Warner team didn’t want to simply dump the data in dotloop. Those files needed to be precisely placed and assigned to correct offices, profiles and agents.

Speed was also a huge issue. With the end of their current contract quickly approaching, they wanted to avoid a lengthy process in which the agents would have to waste a ton of time using both systems until the move was complete.

Securely Packaging and Migrating Data Made Simple

The former transaction management software stored years of real estate transaction data, and Baird & Warner considered opting for the manual job of “just creating every loop that was needed to move it.” However, the time and training to make that happen was enormous, not to mention the increased chances of missed files and incorrect data entry, Masias says.

Securely packing the data wouldn’t be as simple as throwing boxes of files in the back of a truck. Or maybe it would.

Masias had previously worked with the integration company API Nation on a project that pulled information from a host of different apps, blended the data, and then delivered the information where and how the Baird & Warner team wanted — just like a moving company.

As an added win, the API Nation team had often worked closely with dotloop on various integration and migration projects and knew that the platform offered an open API, which made it easier for the information exchange. So Baird and Warner brought API Nation in to do the moving.

Unpacking the Transaction Data Migration

Dotloop’s open API gave the transaction management software a huge advantage over the competition. Think of an open API as a detailed floor plan with measurements that allow you to plan out the decor of your new home. You can make the right decisions as to where every piece of data and file needs to go.

Dotloop’s robust API is one of the reasons the Baird & Warner team was excited to move in. As Masias pointed out, “There are many APIs and things that you can make happen, and if you need anything else you can just build on top of that and make it happen.”

In addition, the dotloop team was able to assist in the logistics of the move, providing Baird & Warner with a guide for the move, while handling the re-creation of all the real estate forms and templates the offices would need.

Need a Custom Integration or Help Migrating Real Estate Documents?

Just as they helped Baird & Warner migrate over one million real estate files from their previous transaction management softer over to dotloop, our friends at API Nation can also build custom integrations to seamlessly connect your tech stack.

Learn More

Migration Done in Record Speed

The Baird & Warner team now had a plan. They had tapped API Nation to pack and work with the dotloop team to unpack. As the last piece, Masias and his team needed to complete the migration quickly. The contract end date with the original transaction platform was quickly approaching and if things were not handled efficiently, the Baird & Warner team would be in the position of paying for two platforms while only utilizing one.

Fortunately, the dotloop team already had a working relationship with the API Nation team, so not only was the migration of data relatively painless using API Nation’s import tool, but the whole process, including data prep and import took just over 80 hours spread over 80 days to complete, start to finish.

In the end, Baird & Warner was happy with the migration and the time in which it took to complete the process. “It went really smoothly,” says Masias. “We were able to move and start pretty quickly.”

Over five years and tens of thousands of transaction documents, scanned documents and even contacts were securely packed up using API Nation’s process and unpacked into dotloop taking advantage of that robust API. And all of it happened at a speed that enabled Baird & Warner to hit the ground running with their new dotloop account.

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