Dotloop Announces New Data Privacy Guarantee



December 02, 2015 | comments

Dotloop, a leading creator of tools and services to simplify the real estate buying and selling process, today announced the new Dotloop® Data Privacy Guarantee. The new guarantee, which builds upon dotloop’s existing privacy policy, states that dotloop customers own all their data and dotloop will not use the data without customers’ permission. Dotloop was acquired by Zillow® Group (NASDAQ: Z and ZG) in August 2015.

“Since our acquisition by Zillow Group, there have been some questions from dotloop customers about how their data would now be used,” said Austin Allison, founder and general manager of dotloop. “Data privacy has always been a top priority for us; that has not changed. We are introducing the Dotloop Data Privacy Guarantee to provide increased transparency on this topic, making it very clear that dotloop customers own their data and that their data will not be used for Zillow Group products or services without their permission.”

The Dotloop Data Privacy Guarantee affirms that:

  • Dotloop customers own the data they put into dotloop. This includes all customer data, from user information to transaction data.
  • Dotloop will not use this data as part of other Zillow Group products or services unless customers have given us permission to do so. This covers all Zillow Group businesses.
  • Dotloop does not disclose customer data except where required by law or authorized by the customers in question.
  • This guarantee applies to all data previously entered in dotloop as well as to data entered in dotloop moving forward.

To read more about the Dotloop Privacy Policy, visit

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